Software & Equipment

VJEC is equipped with specialized machinery, equipment and software to ensure favorable and professional working conditions for engineers and experts. Specialized software system includes bridge structure analysis program RMV8i, MIDAS, SAP, GEO5, ADS civil, K-Embankment, Mapinfor, Plaxis 3D, …

Experimental equipment system is always equipped with updated digital measuring devices, advanced laboratory equipment in the field of mechanics, work dynamics and construction material testing. Some typical equipment are: Geological exploration drilling technology works in all Japan; Total station; Theodolite; Distance Measurement Machine; Level; GPS receiver; Static machine; Flat cutting machine, 3 axes; Compressors expand hips, 1 axis, 3 axes; Permeability testing machine; Improver cutters; Stone specimen presses; System of devices to measure stress, deformation, vibration of structure.

In particular, VJEC is given priority to use laboratories of National Construction University, such as:

  • Construction material and structure laboratory;
  • Equipment for topographic survey, core drill and geological survey and seismometer;
  • Equipment for loading tests (ultrasonic of beams, slabs, stress gauges, concrete hammer, elasticity modulus, deformation indicators, oscillation levels, etc.);
  • Equipment for dynamic experiments and bored pile checks PDA, SONIC, PIT.

VJEC’s Equipment & Software

Topographic Survey
1Flycam – Drone (Phantom 3 and Phantom 4 Pro)Flying equipment, to survey the terrain 
Geological Survey
1Double core tube geological drilling machine (Japanese technology)Using a core tube with CORE PACK by Japanese technology 
Design Software
1ADS CivilInfrastructure design software 
2RMV8iBridge structure analysis software 
3MIDASStructural calculation software 
4GEO5Calculate and handle geotechnical problems