Nhat Viet Construction Consulting Co., Ltd (VJEC) founded in 2007, is joint venture between Construction University Consulting Company (CCU) and Japan SE Corporation (SEC)

In order to provide consulting services including investment project formulation, construction survey, design, design verification, technology transfer, quality inspection, construction supervision and project management. construction investment projects, especially traffic, irrigation, technical infrastructure, etc.

VJEC was formed by the crystallization of the strength of CCU, a strong construction consulting group, a science and technology center of Vietnam National University of Civil Engineering and a corporation of science and technology experienced in the field of construction. infrastructure construction sector of Japan (SEC). VJEC inherits the tradition and experience in the production and technology transfer activities of the experts and lecturers of the University of Civil Engineering. At the same time, VJEC inherits scientific and technological advances in the field of production, construction and installation of technical infrastructure, especially new technological solutions in the field of disaster prevention, and solutions for disaster prevention and control. using new building materials technology, etc.

Experienced more than 10 years of operation and developmentVJEC participated Contributing efforts to many key projects of the country, completing a number of important projects contributing to the development of the transportation industry of Vietnam and a number of countries in Southeast Asia, such as Laos. , Myanmar, etc.

VJEC has a team of experienced and creative management and executives, along with a force of Vietnamese and Japanese experts and professional engineers, with professional qualifications and enthusiasm. , trained and trained through practical projects in Vietnam and abroad. VJEC confidently undertakes and is committed to ensuring quality for all consulting services from investment project formulation, survey, design, design verification, construction supervision and construction management, etc.

With a professional working style, customers will be provided with the best consulting services with enthusiastic, responsible and friendly working spirit from a team of experts and engineers of the Company.

TADASHI NOMURA General manager