The founding members of VJEC include: Consultant of Civil University Ltd.,Co. (CCU) and SE Corporation (SEC) of Japan.

Consultant of Civil University Co., Ltd. (CCU) is an independent enterprise located in the National University of Civil Engineering (NUCE), is a center of applied research and development of scientific and technological advances. CCU is a multidisciplinary consultant, including: Planning, investment consulting of the projects, construction survey, design and design verification from preliminary design to construction drawing design for most in the field of construction, construction quality inspection, materials testing, load testing for structures, especially quality inspection of bored piles; environmental impact assessment, project management and construction supervision for construction projects …

SE Corporation (SEC) is a large reputable corporation in Japan specializing in technology design research combined with production and supply of structural steel components (ground anchors, bar anchors, cables); Manufacture and supply the super high quality concrete (ESCON) for construction projects, especially in pre-stressed reinforced concrete of transport infrastructure (railway, road, bridge, tunnel, port), frame beams, high-rise floors, walls anti-slip embankment, slope stability.


TADASHI NOMURA General Director