Authorized Training Center (ATC) at Hanoi University of Civil Engineering (HUCE) is the first TEKLA authorized training center of TRIMBLE in Indochina and pioneers in providing training services related to Architecture, Civil & Engineering.

ATC Training Center – HUCE is a specialized CAD・BIM training unit recognized by major recruitment partners in Japan.
Training programs convey practical, in-depth and methodical content; focusing on specialized topics and software in Architectural, Construction and Mechanical design in Japan.
he teaching staff is the lecturers of the National University of Civil Engineering and the architects, engineers with expertise and in-depth working experience receive high appreciation and practical experience when working with the construction industry. Japanese partners;
Management and organization are strictly and scientifically implemented, ensuring favorable learning conditions for students.
Therefore, with our experience and quality, we are committed to bringing the highest benefits to our customers as well as our students.

Representative Office 1: 1st Floor, Library House, Hanoi University of Civil Engineering
Representative Office 2: 20th floor, ICON4 Building, 243A De La Thanh, Dong Da, Hanoi


  • Authorized center with genuine textbooks

    We are authorized to train software courses according to company standards. The curriculum and textbooks are referenced from international textbooks with a logical, scientific and methodical training sequence.

  • The e-learning system keeps track of the lesson

    The center's e-learning system is well-invested to help support a scientific training process. The system helps students keep track of class schedules, learning content, and study and reference materials shared by instructors.

  • Professional & Dedicated Instructor

    The instructors at the center are those who have used the software at a professional level, with a lot of real-world experience to understand the pros and cons of the software. Certified Internationally Certified Professional.

ATC Story – HUCE
ATC Authorized Training Center – HUCE is a unit established and operated by Hanoi University of Civil Engineering (HUCE), University of Construction Consulting Company (CCU) and Vietnam-Japan Engineering Consultants Co., Ltd. (VJEC).
We always believe that training students is like training our own employees, with enthusiasm, ability and practical experience. Will definitely chart a new direction & build a solid foundation to help you elevate your career in domestic and foreign businesses.
Wish you all accumulate a lot of valuable knowledge, make changes and breakthroughs on the future path!


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Deploying BIM models in Japanese projects

BIM is a trend of the Construction industry in both Japan and Vietnam. Therefore, BIM course is currently the first choice of students for prioritizing career development in the future.

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Deploying CIM models in Japanese projects

The course provides a roadmap to help students understand CIM and apply CIM in real projects in Japan according to Japanese standards after the course.

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Deploying TEKLA

The course provides a roadmap for people from beginner to proficient in using TEKLA software and applying it in practical work at Japanese companies.

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Deploying REVIT

Revit is the number one software for Building Information Modeling (BIM) solutions that allows creating and managing detailed, construction-like 3D models of buildings for all materials. Revit model

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Deploying AutoCAD Civil 3D

AutoCAD Civil 3D is the number one software for Civil Information Modeling (CIM) solutions for the design of technical infrastructure projects. Modules for an infrastructure project: Surveying, leveling, transport