On August 22, 2022 Vietnam-Japan Engineering Consultants Co., Ltd. sent a delegation to attend the 6th Congress of the Vietnam Japan Friendship Association in Hanoi, the sixth term, term 2022-2027. The report at the congress showed that, in the 2017-2022 term, the Association had successfully completed the tasks set out by the Resolution of the V Congress, following the focus and guidance of the Hanoi Union of Friendship Organizations. Internal (HAUFO). Specifically, the Association has actively implemented many programs to help the Vietnamese and Japanese communities in Hanoi strengthen their understanding of the culture and people of the two nations, and strengthen the two countries’ friendship and solidarity, such as: “Family Friendship”, “Japanese Culture Festival”; along with many connecting activities, organizing exchanges of Japanese businesses with Vietnamese partners…

In the term 2022-2027, the association aims to establish 2-3 new branches, promote propaganda on the people’s foreign policy of the Party, State of Vietnam and Hanoi city. Promoting the role of a bridge between Vietnamese and Japanese businesses and entrepreneurs, creating opportunities for cooperation in economic, cultural and social development of Hanoi capital. The Association plans to develop a plan for bilateral cooperation, organize cultural exchange activities, exchange experiences, friendship and peace activities, continue to implement the program “Family friendship” to strengthen the relationship between the two countries. study and exchange between organizations and enterprises of the two countries; At the same time, continue to maintain economic, cultural and sports exchanges.

On August 27, 2022, the Vietnam - Japan Friendship Association in Hanoi held the 6th Congress, term 2022-2027
On August 27, 2022, the Vietnam – Japan Friendship Association in Hanoi held the 6th Congress, term 2022-2027

Ms. Kamitani Naoko, representative of the Embassy of Japan in Vietnam, said that the relationship between Vietnam and Japan is currently extremely good, developing widely in all fields of politics, diplomacy, security and culture. , economy; There is trust from all levels. Those achievements are contributed by cultural exchange activities, people-to-people diplomacy, and the deep friendship between the leaders and people of Vietnam and Japan. In the context of the two countries Vietnam – Japan celebrating the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations in 2023, Ms. Kamitani Naoko affirmed, this is a milestone time and creates a foundation for promoting the relationship between the two countries to develop. forward to the future and reach out to the world.

In the 2017-2022 term, the branch of Vietnam-Japan Engineering Consultants Co., Ltd. has promoted and maintained good relations of exchange and cooperation with other branches such as the branch of Hanoi Urban Railway Management Board, Hanoi Urban Environment One Member Limited Liability Company… Besides, the branch also seeks to expand partners who are people’s organizations, friendship organizations, construction enterprises in Japan; actively promote exchanges and cooperation in the fields of economy and culture between Vietnam and Japan. The Congress elected the Executive Committee of the 6th term of the Vietnam – Japan Friendship Association of Hanoi city for the term 2022-2027, consisting of 27 members. In which, Mr. Dao Viet Long – Deputy Director of Hanoi Department of Transport is the Chairman, Mr. Dinh Van Hiep – Deputy General Director of Vietnam-Japan Engineering Consultants Co., Ltd. is a member of the Executive Committee.